name: tora

age: 19

prns: they/them


most of my content will be of the following.

extended bullet points are faves of respective series. italics denote importance.

> a3!
• (these are first impressions and subject to change) tenma sumeragi, itaru chigasaki, azuma shiroyuki, banri settsu
• ("you can't just choose one from each troupe" hey)

> ensemble stars!
knights (tsukasa suou + leo tsukinaga) , oddballs, valkyrie (+ nazuna)

> fire emblem (13, [14], heroes)
owain + inigo, cherche, gaius, henry
• note, i haven't gotten around to playing fe14 yet, but i had been following it since pre-realease and therefore understand to a basic extent of its characters.

> (g)ms
• phanlumi, kinejay, freunwol

> granblue fantasy
dragon knights (lancelot + vane) , society members (zeta + bea)

> idolish7
re:vale (yuki) , tenn kujou, riku nanase, mezzo" (sougo ousaka)

love live!
rin hoshizora , yoshiko tsushima, riko sakurauchi

> utaite (separate twt @mafuteru)
mafumafu, kradness, ikasan, reol, luz, nqrse, etc.

• if you actively tweet real hate on these characters, i'd strongly suggest you not follow; otherwise, i'll softblock you. thanks for understanding.
• i don't tweet character hate, but note that i may use the term "worst ___" or say that i hate a character. i don't actually hate them, but i'd advise against following if you find it offensive.