name: tora

age: 19

prns: they/them


> i'm selective in both following and following back. don't take this personally!

> follow reqs are ok when locked unless noted otherwise, but i may reject--in any case, thank you for trying!

> i may softblock non-mutual followers. i'm sorry...!

> ubm free; softblock for unfollowing.


> usual dfi criterions apply to you.

> you have been or are consistently involved in drama or discourse.

> you degrade others based on their interests.

> you tend to vague people often.

> you suicide-bait/tell people to "kill themselves" or anything along those lines.


> i'm trying to tweet more here. should i step out of line, don't be afraid to dm me.

> i'm most comfortable around people within my age group (+/- 3 years).

> that being said, i'm turning 20 this year, so please let me know if you'd rather me not interact/follow you.

> i suggest not following if you dislike any of my interests as stated in my interests page, especially the characters in italics.